2023: We want to take power away from people like Arthur Eze – Peter Obi’s aide

Prince Arthur Eze, a billionaire businessman from Anambra, has publicly said he does not back Peter Obi's bid for the presidency.

Mr. Peter Obi’s spokesperson, Diran Onifade, has called the statements attributed to Anambra billionaire, Chief Arthur Eze, concerning the LP candidate as sad but not surprising.

Onifade made this statement in a Tuesday phone chat with a national daily in Abuja.

This was in response to Eze’s suggestion that Obi give up his presidential aspirations since Ndigbo needed to focus on other priorities right now and in the future.

By saying, “It is the influence of people like that that we want to take our politics away from,” Onifade made it plain that he was speaking from his own perspective on the issue.

“He is part of the establishment and structure that young Nigerians what to take our country back from.

“When we take power from the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress, the likes of Arthur Eze will no longer wield the kind of influence they enjoy today.

“You don’t expect them to take this lying down. Our candidate and our campaign remain focused on the take ahead which is to take back our country, rebuild it to make it take its proper place in the comity of nations. “

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