Adams Oshiomhole: Bola Tinubu not looking for ‘rubber stamp’ National Assembly

Adams Oshiomhole, a former governor of Edo State, says that violent protests over the lack of new Naira notes could delay the upcoming elections if the problem isn't fixed.

Sen. Bola Tinubu, the incoming President of Nigeria, does not want a National Assembly that merely serves as a rubber stamp but rather one that is robust.

Adams Oshiomhole, a senator-elect from the Edo North Senatorial District, told reporters this on Tuesday in Abuja when he received his certificate of return.

“Our president-elect looks forward to a senate that would contribute to the development of the country.

“I will not be part of the legislators for the powerful but to the countrymen,” he said.

Oshiomhole, who used to be the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), said that as a textile union activist, NLC President, and Governor of Edo, he had been the voice of the people, even in the projects he chose.

“I will be part of the senate that legislates for the good people of our countrymen, not for the powerful, by making sure that what we do in appropriation will be such that Nigerians get value for money.

“It is expected that the executive is powerful but does not have absolute power, so it will not be subject to legislative check.

“We are not there for the allowance. There are a couple of things that can be done differently so that the renewed hope of our party can be translated into reality.

“Even the president-elect will not look forward to a rubber stamp assembly but the one that can help to contribute to knowledge.

“Nobody has absolute knowledge,” he said. “But working together and negotiating to have a win-win formula that will contribute to the dividends of democracy.”

Oshiomhole also said that the 10th senate would work for economic growth and a strong GDP, both of which would depend on changes to the way power is used.

“The current problem we face in the power sector was because it was meant to favour friends and relatives, who know nothing about power.

“Now we have to find the courage to deal with a system that makes citizens pay bills for power they did not consume, which for me, is fraud.

“Government must protect its citizens, and customers must be protected; otherwise, all the energy spent to vote for a few guys enjoy does not worth my while.

“There are a couple of things we have to do differently.”

Oshiomole said that the 10th senate would also look into petroleum products.

“We still see long queues, and each time I see the queues, I feel agitated because I fought against these obnoxious policies when I was the President of NLC.

“We must take radical action to ensure that the petrol we consume is refined in Nigeria.

” I will not go to the senate to lament but make laws that would be enforced,” Oshiomhole said.