Akwa Ibom YPP governorship candidate vows to end multiple taxes

Senator Bassey Albert, the gubernatorial nominee for the Young Progressives Party (YPP), was given a 42-year prison sentence for corruption.

Obong Bassey Akpan, who is running for governor of Akwa Ibom under the Young Progressives Party (YPP), has said that traders will no longer have to pay multiple taxes if he wins.

He made this promise when the Obi-Datti Movement 2023, a coalition of more than 100 political support groups, endorsed his campaign over the weekend before the governorship election on Saturday.

He said that the decision to end multiple taxations was necessary to help traders’ finances and to get them to make more money from their legal investments.

He said: “For traders selling at markets in the state, I have heard your cry over multiple taxes and this act will be addressed. Our focus will be that of creating a business friendly environment for investments to thrive. Rest assured that the government under my leadership will be government of the people by the people and for the people.”

“I am assuring you that my loyalty as the governor will be for the masses of Akwa Ibom State. Don’t support a governor whose loyalty will be to one man. Once he takes care of the interests of that one man, other interests will be nothing to him.

“For the women in the state, both indigenes and non-indigenes, you will enjoy same benefits accruing to you in terms of empowering you to become self-reliance,” Akpan asserted.

In addition to asking the people to vote for him as the next governor of the state and all YPP candidates on March 11, he said, “For all Akwa Ibom people, citizens, and residents, let me also assure you that better days are coming.  My government will not be about religion or tribe, but about the common good of all. That will be the focus of the incoming governor that will only be made possible through your votes”.

The YPP candidate told voters not to sell their votes for money, saying, “The dollars and pounds being thrown around now is a sign of failure and desperation. The dollars should be used in paying retirees.”

Akpan said that the group’s populist ideas were similar to those of the YPP, so he was happy with their support and that they chose him as their only candidate. This event was met with loud cheers.

“I accept this endorsement with the greatest sense of responsibility. Together, we shall succeed,” he said.

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