APC leader: Nyesom Wike mobilised resources for Bola Tinubu’s victory in Rivers

Nyesom Wike

Chief Tony Okocha, South-South Coordinator for Bola Ahmed Tinubu Vanguard (BATV) and Chairman National Protocol Committee of Tinubu Independent Campaign Council (ICC) in Rivers State, has said that Governor Nyesom Wike is a big reason why  Bola Ahmed Tinubu won in Rivers State.

On Thursday, Chief Okocha told reporters in Port Harcourt that saying Wike was essential to Tinubu’s victory in Rivers State would be an understatement.

Okocha said that Tinubu would not have won the presidential election in the state without the governor’s human, material, and financial support.

He said, “I don’t even know the words to say that the governor was instrumental to Tinubu’s success. Wike is one-million times instrumental in making APC victorious in Rivers State.

“I was Chief of Staff in 2015. We had the governor of APC and all the big names you hear today who have defected to different political parties to seek greener pastures.

“They tried all they could in 2015 but could not deliver for the presidential candidate of APC in 2015. President Buhari in 2015 scored 65,000 in the presidential election in Rivers State against two million votes, and the PDP candidate, Goodluck Jonathan, won the majority of votes. Wike was instrumental in that victory.

“In 2019, the matter became worse. What divided us in 2019 was the governorship, and we could not still work together. What was the result? In 2019 the issue became worse. What divided us in 2019 was not the presidential election; it was the governorship election, so we all still worked together, but the result was even more abysmal.

“In 2023, we have a governor who was working with the G-5 governors, and he joined forces with us, and a few days to the election, the same governor did not only throw his weight behind Tinubu, he told Rivers people that they should vote for somebody – the presidential candidate that will support Rivers people after he emerges as president.

“He did not mince words that he has severed relationship with his party, and he said clearly who to support and the political party to support. And we all know that Wike was not supporting Obi, and we all know that Wike is not an armchair politician. He is a footsoldier politician. He is a political Field Marshall, so what else are we expecting?

“He pulled resources together; he mobilised human and material resources to ensure that Tinubu succeeded. From the benefit of knowledge as the Director of finance, I know that the only money that came to Rivers State was nothing to write home about.

“The money we had would not have been enough for the election so how did we mobilise money for the election, how it worked, who mobilised resources that made us score over 40% votes in Rivers State and today Tinubu is in high rating in Rivers State. So we commend Wike and we are very grateful to him.”

He told the president-elect and vice president-elect that their mandate was a call to service, not to leadership and that they should bring everyone along with them to do their job.

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