Atiku Abubakar: TraderMoni, MarketMoni now APC political tools

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, has reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that his party assumes power in Lagos State by 2023.

The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has said that social investment programs in Nigeria have been politicised.

Atiku made this statement on Sunday during an appearance on the Channels Television show The People’s Townhall.

The ex-vice president was critical of some of President Muhammadu Buhari’s social programmes.

He slammed the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme  (GEEP) (also known as TraderMoni and MarketMoni).

“I think the defect in the system is not incorporating the system into an institutionalised process because what I understood TraderMoni and Market (Moni) [to be] is either the vice-president going around distributing money or the minister of humanitarian affairs going round and distributing money,” he said.

“Why not create institutions that can actually attend to every sector of the economy as far as this MarketMoni or TraderMoni is concerned? As we said, we are going to vote N10 billion to boost small and medium enterprises.

“We have a number of institutions where such funding can be channelled so that it is institutionalised instead of personalising it and also using it for political purposes. Currently, MarketMoni and TraderMoni have become political tools to promote political interests of a particular political party,” he said.

When asked if he would eliminate the social programmes, the ex-vice president said that he wants a more efficient social welfare system.

“What I’m saying is that they should be institutionalised,” he explained, “so that they outlive every government that comes in.”

“The traders are not integrated because there is no institution.

“If you have an institution to cater to that, the institution will be able to give everybody guidelines. This is how to access these funds, and this is how long it is going to take you to repair them, and so on.”