Cristiano Ronaldo accepts 500 million Saudi offer

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo addressed the emotional toll of losing his newborn son earlier this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo is almost done playing in the major leagues. Marca says that he has said “yes” to an offer from Al-Nassr. If he took the offer, he would make more than 400 million euros in just two and a half seasons. This comes after he ended his contract with Manchester United after giving a controversial interview in which he said he felt betrayed by the club.

The newspaper mentioned in the last sentence says that the deal is worth 200 million per season and that the Portuguese player will sign on for two and a half years. It’s easy to figure out how much he will earn with a bit of math. It should be exactly $500 million, but it’s important to remember that some of his income will come from advertising and could change, making him earn more or less.

The money was a big part of what persuaded the Portuguese player at the World Cup in Qatar with his national team. This could be the last time he plays in the most prestigious international tournament, which makes sense since he will probably quit the most important European leagues.

If this deal between Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr goes through, CR7 will become Saudi Arabian football’s biggest star and do a lot to help the sport grow. It would also show how much money the teams in this league have since they could offer huge sums to sign a legend who looks like he will never again experience those magical nights in the Champions League.

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