Edo LP denies alliance with PDP for March 11 election

Labour Party Nigeria

The Labour Party in Edo State has rejected an alliance with the Peoples Democratic Party ahead of the March 11 election and has instead vowed to win the 24 state assembly seats.

The party’s Edo State Chairman, Comrade Kelly Ogbaloi, told reporters at a press conference on Thursday that party members should ignore rumours about an alliance and vote for LP candidates in the House of Assembly election.

Ogbaloi says, “Information reaching the hierarchy of the Labour party is that the PDP has been engaging in last-minute manoeuvring, running nocturnal meetings and seeking ways to meet Labour party House of Assembly candidates. 

“This can be understood from the damming failure they experienced in the polls on February 25, but they could be looking for an alliance, but certainly not with the Labour party and its House of Assembly candidates. 

“We unequivocally declare that we are going into the election with all our hearts and therefore not holding consultation or judicial disposition with any political party, be it PDP or APC. We further clear that those PDP allegedly invited to a meeting are no members of the Labour party. 

“We encourage the people of Edo State, our teaming supporters, respected support groups, to come out in full strength and replicate the gallantry we showed in the Presidential and National Assembly elections last Saturday. Don’t be deterred and do not be intimidated, we have done it and we can do it again. Let’s take Edo State back.”

The chairman of the Edo LP thanked the people of the state, especially those in Edo South and Edo Central. He also said that the party is asking INEC to hold another election in Edo North and other places where there were problems.

He also said, “We have received the results declared by INEC and hold the view that the Institution has not done well, as all the results across the Country were riddled with manipulation and are contestable.
“Outright physical attacks by persons allegedly identified as government agents in collusion with Nigeria Police was reported. In some instances, result sheets and other election materials were taken away. 

“Our expectation, was that by the age of INEC today, they would bring to the Electoral table such improvement that can define sophistication and setting of new standards for the world on Election management but No, what we saw was shameful compromises, reckless indulgence and thoughtless cancellation of elections in the units and avoidable omissions.”

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