Equatorial Guinea 1991 Constitution (reviewed 2012)


We, the people of Equatorial Guinea, conscious of our responsibility before God and history;

Driven by the will to safeguard our independence, organize and consolidate our national unity;

Desirous of upholding the authentic African spirit of the positive tradition of family and communal organization, adapting it to new social and judicial structures consistent with modern life;

Conscious that the charismatic authority of the traditional family is the foundation of the Equatoguinean Society;

Firmly supported by the principles of social justice and solemnly reaffirmed by the rights and liberties of men defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of October 10, 1948;

The African Charter of Rights of Man and of Peoples of June 26, 1981;

Adopt the following Fundamental Law of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.