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Who is Groovy? What We Know About BBNaija Star & Fashion Entrepreneur

Groovy is a model and fashion entrepreneur in addition to being a musician working in the underground music scene in Nigeria. Groovy Mono is one of the many nicknames that are commonly used to refer to him.

Groovy is a model and fashion entrepreneur in addition to being a musician working in the underground music scene in Nigeria. Groovy Mono is one of the many nicknames that are commonly used to refer to him.

Groovy was born in 1995 in Lagos, Nigeria. His full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwe. Olisaemeka, which is Groovy’s native name, translates to “God has done well.”

In the seventh season of the reality competition Big Brother Naija, he is currently participating as a housemate in the Level Up Edition. In 2021, he made his debut with the release of his project titled Groovy Hours The EP.

Quick Facts About Groovy

  • Full Name: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwe
  • Year of Birth: 1995
  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
  • State Of Origin: Anambra State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Height: 6.49 feet
  • Net Worth: US$30,000

Who is Groovy?

Groovy was born in the year 1995. Mr. and Mrs. Orakwe are his parents. In other words, he has spent his entire life in Lagos State.

He originates from the Southeast region of the country and is of the Igbo ethnic group. He is a native of the state of Anambra.

Groovy Mono is the oldest of four children born to the Orakwe family; his younger brother and identical twin sisters are the youngest.

In addition to his work in music, he is also a successful model. He started modeling when he was a teenager and has done work for a number of different brands in Nigeria over the years. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur who runs a clothing store that caters to both male and female customers. He has established a reputation for himself in the Lagos fashion industry as a trustworthy business entrepreneur.

Is Groovy Single or Married?

Groovy Mono is not currently in a relationship and does not have a child or a girlfriend, but he is romantically involved with a number of his housemates.

His ambition since he was a kid was to work in the medical field.

Is Groovy a Muslim or Christian?

Groovy comes from a spiritual family and was brought up in the Christian faith by his parents.

Groovy Mono called the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos home before entering the Big Brother house. He is notorious for his forthright manner and refers to himself as a “Born Winner.”

What Schools Has Groovy Attended?

Groovy Mono attended a prestigious private nursery and primary school in Lagos throughout his elementary education. He graduated with honors.

The secondary school part of his education was completed at St. Finbarr’s College in Yaba, which is located in Lagos. He received his West African School Certificate with high marks from the institution he attended and did well in the examination.

Groovy Mono attended the University of Lagos and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Learn More About Groovy’s Career

Groovy Mono possesses a wide range of creative skills. When he was still in high school, he made the discovery that he had a talent for singing. He frequently crafted his own renditions of well-known songs and then performed them for the amusement of his classmates.

On the other hand, once he was accepted into the university, he made the decision to take his talent for singing more seriously and started working on honing his songwriting ability. In addition to that, he invested a lot of time and energy into honing his vocal style so that it would differentiate him from other up-and-coming singers.

Groovy In order to advance his career in the music industry, Mono participated in many of the music competitions that were held in Lagos. As a student at Unilag, he was a well-known figure in the school’s music community due to the fact that he frequently gave performances at music shows and other events that were held on campus. Prior to completing his education, he released a few singles that were instant classics among his devoted following. The student population comprised the entirety of his devoted following at the time.

Groovy Zone, the first official single released by Groovy Mono, was made available for download on November 7th, 2020. The song was instrumental in launching his career in music and did well for him regionally. A wider audience was exposed to Groovy Mono as a result of Groovy Zone’s efforts, as the song was played on some radio stations and racked up hundreds of streams in the weeks following its initial release. The song established him as an artist in the Lagos underground music community who should be watched closely in the future.

A little less than a year later, Groovy Mono made the decision to completely disrupt the music industry, which resulted in the production of a five-track album. On October 27, 2021, the Groovy Hours EP was made available for purchase online. Since it was released, the song has been met with mostly favorable reviews from music critics, and it has contributed to an increase in Groovy Mono’s popularity within the music industry. The extended play has racked up thousands of streams from enthusiastic music listeners.

Except for “Gang Signs,” all of the songs on the project were produced by Toby Bada$$. Gang Signs is a product of Screamralph’s production. In the same vein, Toby Bada$$ is responsible for the mixing and mastering of all of the tracks.

Groovy Mono, who was extremely enthusiastic about the entertainment business, always had the ambition of becoming a reality TV star. As a result, in the year 2022, he participated in the Big Brother Naija audition process for the seventh season. He got lucky in that he got picked for the show.

On July 23, 2022, it was announced that he would be participating in Big Brother Naija Level Up Season as one of the 28 housemates.

Musics Recorded By Groovy

  • Friends
  • XTCY
  • Love Me
  • Vibes
  • Gang Signs
  • Groovy Zone

Groovy’s Social Media Handles

Groovy Mono’s social media following has exploded ever since it was revealed that he would be participating in this season of Big Brother Naija, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The reality television star’s Instagram account (@groovymono) has more than 71,000 followers. On Twitter, he goes by the handle @groovymonobb.

Groovy’s Net Worth

Groovy Mono’s success in the fashion industry as well as his work as a model has allowed him to enjoy a high standard of living. It is estimated that Groovy Mono has a net worth of thirty thousand dollars.