Montenegro 2007 Constitution (reviewed 2013)


Stemming from:

The decision of the citizens of Montenegro to live in an independent and sovereign state of Montenegro, made in the referendum held on May 21, 2006;

The commitment of the citizens of Montenegro to live in a state in which the basic values are freedom, peace, tolerance, respect for human rights and liberties, multiculturalism, democracy and the rule of law;

The determination that we, as free and equal citizens, members of peoples and national minorities who live in Montenegro: Montenegrins, Serbs, Bosniacs, Albanians, Muslims, Croats and the others, are committed to democratic and civic Montenegro;

The conviction that the state is responsible for the preservation of nature, sound environment, sustainable development, balanced development of all its regions and the establishment of social justice;

The dedication to cooperation on equal footing with other nations and states and to the European and Euro-Atlantic integrations, the Constitutional assembly of the Republic of Montenegro, at its third sitting of the second regular session in 2007, held on 19 October 2007, adopts THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MONTENEGRO