Nepal 2015 Constitution (reviewed 2016)


We, the people of Nepal, in exercise of the sovereign powers inherent in us,

Embracing the sovereign right of the people and the right to autonomy and self-rule, by maintaining Nepal’s independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national unity, freedom and dignity,

Remembering the glorious history of historical peoples’ movements and armed struggles time and again and the sacrifice made by people for national interest, democracy, progressive change, and recognizing the martyrs, the disappeared citizens and the victims,

Ending all forms of discriminations and oppression created by the feudal, autocratic, centralized and unitary system,

Embracing multi-caste, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and diverse geographical specificities, by ending discriminations relating to class, caste, region, language, religion and gender discrimination including all forms of racial untouchability, in order to protect and promote unity in diversity, social and cultural solidarity, tolerance and harmonious attitudes, we also express our determination to create an egalitarian society on the basis of the principles of proportional inclusion and participation, to ensure equitable economy, prosperity and social justice,

Expressing commitment to create the bases of socialism by adopting democratic norms and values, including peoples’ competitive multi-party democratic governance system, civil liberty, fundamental rights, human rights, adult franchise, periodic elections, complete press freedom and an independent, impartial and competent judiciary, and the concept of rule of law,

NOW THEREFORE, in order to fulfill the aspirations for perpetual peace, good governance, development and prosperity through the medium of federal democratic republican system of governance, hereby promulgate this Constitution through the Constituent Assembly.