NLC suspends strike in Imo state

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)

The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) strike in Imo state has been called off.

Workers in the state were told to go back to work in a statement signed by NLC President Joe Ajaero. This came after a two-day standoff with the state government over unpaid salaries and pensions and alleged interference in the election of state congress officers.

According to Ajaero’s statement, the Nigeria Labour Congress decided to call off the strike so that Saturday’s State Assembly election in Imo state would not be disrupted because of the interventions of several prominent figures.

He said: “The suspension of the strike is expected to last two weeks during which the state government and its agencies are expected to meet the demands of the workers in the state”.

Ajaero said that if the window of opportunity created by the suspension of the strike is not taken advantage of, the strike will resume with “more ferocity.”

NLC said it started the strike on Wednesday in Imo state to protest that its members hadn’t been paid for 20 months.

It further said the move was in response to the state government’s use of state instruments to intimidate workers.

According to the labour movement, a state-wide strike was sparked by the state government and security forces brigandage against workers who had gathered peacefully the previous day to hold the Congress’ State Delegates Conference.