Peter Obi hopes for better Nigeria as president

Peter Obi

Mr Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has said that he believes a prosperous Nigeria is feasible despite the widespread corruption in the country’s governmental and economic systems.

He said that Akwa Ibom suffers from a lack of federal government infrastructure despite being the country’s top crude oil producer and a major economic contributor.

This was announced at the party’s presidential rally in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, on Tuesday, where the former governor of Anambra State also promised to increase federal government infrastructure investments in the state and transform Akwa Ibom, home to the under-construction Ibom Deep Seaport, into Nigeria’s primary export processing hub.

He said a lot of work still needs to be done on the Deep Seaport project, and it’s disappointing that it will be 40 years since the Senate of the Federal Republic visited the state about it then.

“Since 1983, politicians have been coming here, they said, amongst other promises, are going to build a deep Seaport, next year will make it 40 years. The Federal Government has not done anything in Akwa Ibom State. All they come here to do is make fake promises.

“You cannot drive from here to Aba; you cannot drive from here to Umuahia. I don’t make fake promises. What we want to make Nigeria work again,” he said confidently.

Obi said he had maintained connections to young people and workers despite being the youngest presidential candidate among the major parties.

“Between me and Datti, we have the greatest capacity and strength to work. In terms of education and exposure, we are the most qualified. We have also created wealth and strived to make it in life, and we are prepared to secure and unite Nigeria,” he emphasised.

He criticised the fact that Nigeria’s older politicians have kept the country divided along ethnic and religious lines for their gain, even though hunger and misery do not care about one’s race or faith.

“Our priority is to secure and unite Nigeria. Politicians are the ones creating division among Nigerians. North, South, East and West are one. There will be peace and no more police harassment of the citizens.

“So I am coming to tell you that a new Nigeria is possible. I am coming to strengthen and fund education properly, strengthen the currency and increase manufacturing and production capacity. I am coming to make Nigerians proud of their country again.

“The next election is not by tribe or religion because hunger does not know tribe or religion. The next election will be based on competence, capacity and capability.

“It will be based on who has the required mental and physical energy and capacity. It is going to be the turn of the people to elect their leaders,” Obi said.

Party National Chairman Julius Abure thanked the people for their overwhelming support of presidential candidate Peter Obi. It urged them not to cast ballots for those who lacked the competence and honesty to solve the country’s problems.

“Today, you have shown that Akwa Ibom State is for Labour Party. There is no gainsaying that Nigeria is in disarray and is being mismanaged.

‘There is no gainsaying that the challenges we have in the country, ranging from insecurity, hunger, poverty, and the mismanagement of the economy, is due to failed leadership over the years,” Abure said.

Party leaders and members of the Presidential Campaign Council also spoke at the gathering, urging attendees to register to vote and cast their ballots for Obi/Datti in the upcoming 2023 election.

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