Police arrest Facebook ‘scammers,’ ‘kidnappers,’ ‘rapists’ in Delta

The police in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, on Wednesday, paraded a 27-year-old housewife who they say stabbed her husband to death over sex demand.

Delta State Police Command officers have arrested three people they believe are involved in kidnappings, rapes, and other online scams through the popular social networking site Facebook.

DSP Bright Edafe, the command’s spokesman, made the announcement to reporters in Warri yesterday.

Edafe reported that officers from the Ughelli North Local Government Area’s Ufuoma Police Division had arrested the suspects on Monday.

According to him, one of the criminals responsible for the kidnapping on December 11, 2022, was apprehended when a woman (whose identity he did not provide) filed a report alleging she had seen him.

The suspects allegedly held the woman at gunpoint. They took naked images and video of her as she was staying at a motel in the Iwherekpokpor neighbourhood of Ughelli North, as reported by Edafe.

According to Edafe, the victim said the perpetrators blackmailed and demanded ransom from her parents using video and naked photos.

Upon receiving this allegation, the DPO Ufuoma Police Division swiftly dispatched a team consisting of police detectives and members of the Ekiugbo Community Vigilance to investigate and ultimately apprehend one Cornelius Emene.

During our preliminary investigation, the suspect provided information that helped us apprehend Nelson Aghogho and Ufuoma Tunde.

Another student from the School of Health and Technology, Ofuoma, in Ughelli North, was kidnapped, and the accused explained how they did it.

Edafe said that the way the group operated was to use Facebook to find young girls who didn’t know what was happening, take them to a hotel, give them drugs, and gang rape them.

After that, he said, the suspects took them captive and asked their parents for money to free them.

The suspects, according to the statement, employed blackmailing victims and their families by sending them nude images and videos they had taken of their former victims.

Edafe stated that they are still looking into the incident.

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