Shan George: Hanks Anuku not homeless, in good health

Hanks Anuku

Shan George, a seasoned actress and board chairman for the Callywood industry, has dispelled rumors that renowned actor Hanks Anuku is homeless based on a troubling video circulating the Nigerian digital space.

On November 14th, Twitter users shared a video of a man dressed in ragged clothing resembling a homeless person, claiming it was actor Hanks Anuku. Along the way, some Internet users criticized the Nigerian film industry’s stakeholders for their inability to care for their colleagues.

However, in response to the claim, renowned actress Shan George released photographs and videos of herself and Hank. According to Shan, the actor is in good health and was on a movie set in Asaba with her four days ago, portraying a king in an upcoming film.

Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian-Ghanaian actor who predominantly portrays antagonists in Nollywood films. His well-known films include Rambo, Wanted Alive, Bitter honey, and Broad Daylight.

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