Why police vans are unclean, disorganised – spokesperson

Olumuyiwa Adejobi

CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the spokesman for the Nigerian Police Force, has addressed the widespread perception that police patrol vans in the country are unclean and unorganised.

This was a comment to a Twitter user who wondered where the police department kept all of the Hilux vehicles they utilised.

As the vans are constantly in use, Adejobi claims that the high number of hours they spend on the road is to blame for their poor condition.

In response to a photo tweet by Adejobi showing new operational trucks, water canons, and Armoured Personnel Carriers, APCs, shared with commands and formations in preparation for the 2023 General Elections, the Twitter user who goes by the handle @sparoswagg asked, “Abeg wetin dey always skata the hilux wey dem dey give una?”

Adejobi replied on Twitter,” See, police patrol vans work 24 hrs. When u park ur car in the evening, that’s when another team on night duty will take over the same vehicle for night patrol. Operational vehicles can’t be that neat like private vehicles. Anything operational looks rugged.

“So, the rigour these vehicles pass thru make them look rough and dirty. Many of them ply bad roads, etc. However, we always encourage DPOs and HODs to try and put them in good shape.”

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