Yakubu Dogara asks Muhammadu Buhari to implement Electoral Act

Former House Speaker Yakubu Dogara has been named to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council.

Hon. Yakubu Dogara, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, yesterday gave President Muhammadu Buhari the responsibility of seeing that the Electoral Act of 2022 is carried out.

According to Dogara, if Buhari follows through on his promises to reform Nigeria’s electoral system, he will go down in history as a democratic hero.

At Achievers University’s commencement ceremony in Owo, Ondo State, he lauded the president for his efforts to completely revamp Nigeria’s electoral system.

The credibility and transparency of the electoral process, he said, would be ensured by the implementation of the Bimodal Verification Accreditation System (BVAS).

Ex-speaker says it’s “a challenge to all Nigerians to ensure that the reforms are implemented in the 2023 general elections.”

During his speech, Dogara, the chancellor of Achievers University, said, “Permit me to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for ensuring radical reforms in the electoral process.

“I say this from my heart, especially with regard to the use of BVAS. If he follows it through, he will bequeath upon us a legacy of democratic process that has no equal in Africa.

“I, therefore, say Buhari has a date with history. He can truly be the hero of our democracy if he ensures that our votes count in 2023.

“Thereafter, we can now beat our chest and say we have not only elected leaders in elections where our votes count, but we have elected leadership that we deserve.

“It is a challenge to all Nigerians to ensure that we carry through the reforms and follow them across to the finish line.”

Moreover, he urged all Nigerians “not to sell their votes or refuse to vote. Remember that the power is in your vote, and your vote is your future.

“Don’t sell it. Don’t keep it in your room. You must use it. Participate by coming out massively to vote for your conscience.”

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