Man dies on plane after swallowing 246 cocaine packets

Mexican forensic workers meet the Aeromexico plane forced to land after a Japanese man who swallowed 246 packs of cocaine died on a flight from Bogota to Tokyo. Sonora Attorney-General

A Japanese man died on a plane after swallowing almost 250 packets of cocaine.

The suspected drugs mule went into cardiac arrest from the drug overdose shortly after take-off in the early hours of Friday.

Passengers on board reported seeing the man convulsing.

The Aeromexico flight, which had taken off from Mexico City in Mexico and was headed to Narita, Japan, was forced to make an emergency stop in Hermosillo, some 2,000 miles north.

Authorities identified the man only as Udo “N”.

They say he had travelled to Mexico’s capital from Bogota, Colombia.

In August last year, Mexican police found cocaine worth thousands of dollars hidden inside more than a dozen bread rolls during an airport drugs raid.

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Each of the 15 rolls was filled with a bag containing 120g of cocaine.

The market value of the illegal drug is around $150 (£116) per gram, meaning there would have been approximately $270,000 (£209,000) of it hidden in the rolls.

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