Veteran comedian raps Nigerian actresses pressuring ladies

Atunyota Alleluia Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba, has called on youths in the country to get their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), ahead of the coming elections.

Veteran stand-up comedian Ali Baba has blasted actresses living fake lifestyles, pressuring younger girls into embracing immorality just to meet up with the façade they’re being shown continually online.

He chided the actresses being bankrolled by different men but hiding under the guise of ‘cashing out’ through movie making.

Ali Baba, resisting the urge to mention names, said these particular movie stars though live questionably yet are usually quick to call out others over infidelity or promiscuity.

He said: “How many movies have you done that gave you ₦45 million to buy a house? You that just joined the industry?

“The people that have been in the industry since did not buy. Then the people who are struggling….okay…I may be tempted to mention names but I will not.

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“We went to Dubai one time and while were waiting, I see this actress comes in. And then, I had seen the protocol officers of a particular person.

”I greeted them, they greeted me and everything. And then, the person came and said, ‘here’s your key’. And then gave her the key and she went upstairs.

“And then, maybe like two days later, I see her posting “Lounging in Dubai.” Can you buy your ticket?”

The master of ceremonies and actor added: “The ones that do business and make money, we know them. You will now come here and be putting girls on high jump. Girls are now thinking that….

“So, when you see some of them run to Oba to go and get their share; you’re now saying, “Eh…what or where are they… Even if you act every movie and they pay you ₦5m, how many movies do you act in a year?

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“Let me just say this, we know the ones that’s use their mileage… I mean use their popularity to do business but that is different. Those ones do other businesses. Those ones are selling clothes, anything.

“They travel and buy anything they want to buy and come here to sell. They have businesses that they run on the side. They sell oil, hairs…if you know how much hair is, you will know some of them can afford that.”

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