Amazon fast-tracking spinoff of ‘The Boys’ focused on a superhero college

The streaming giant (well, everything giant) announced today that it has ordered a spinoff series based on its current dark superhero satire The Boys.

“The Boys” is a TV series about the very worst in humanity—the greed, the narcissism, the lack of empathy and compassion—all filtered through the everyday lives of the world’s most popular superheroes. It’s a really smart, gory, often hilarious satire about why our world probably isn’t ready to welcome superpowered beings into it. So, if you’re going to make a spinoff from that series, how do you possibly top it? How can you possibly come up with characters that are even worse and disgusting than homicidal, fascist superheroes? Well, you take them to college, obviously. We all know how college-aged kids are the worst. Worse even than a homicidal Superman.

According to Deadline, that’s exactly what’s happening at Amazon, as the streaming platform not only greenlit the development of a new ‘Boys’ spinoff series but actually is putting it on the fast-track, as the original show continues to build in popularity in its second season. The untitled show is set to be written and showrun by Craig Rosenberg, an executive producer on the mothership series, and will focus on the lives of young adult, wannabe superheroes that attend a training school/college run by the evil Vought International.

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The series is said to focus on the early days of Supes attempting to navigate the issues that accompany college (the parties, sexual adventures, and moral dilemmas) but turned up to 11, which is what “The Boys” does so well. Deadline’s report describes the show as “part college show, part ‘Hunger Games’” and that is pretty much all I need to know to get me excited by the prospect.

As mentioned, this spinoff is showrun by Rosenberg, but that doesn’t mean the original ‘Boys’ crew isn’t involved. Eric Kripke (showrunner of the mothership show), as well as Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg, are all aboard as executive producers on this new series. And since Amazon is seemingly fast-tracking the show, we can probably expect more news about this series in the weeks to come, as the streamer will probably want to get this into production in time to debut close to “The Boys” Season 3, which is presumably coming in 2021.

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