Funke Akindele’s ex JJC Skillz returns to Islam

JJC Skillz

Nigerian musician and film producer Abdulrasheed Bello, known by his stage as JJC Skillz, has switched to Islam.

In a recent interview, he admitted that he has never identified with or followed the Muslim faith despite being born into a Muslim family.

He claims that accepting Islam again has brought him serenity, and he is overjoyed about this development.

“It’s God’s design that I will return to Islam. I thank Allah for sparing my life. I am so happy I found Islam again because it has given me peace. It has given me direction and focus. I was truly lost but now, I am found,” he said.

Later he elaborated, “I was born a Muslim – AbdurRasheed by name. My dad, Bello, is a Muslim, but my mum is a Christian. Back then, I used to go to Islamiyah, but all I remembered about it was getting beaten. They used to scare us with hellfire, so I never practised.

“When I was 14, I moved to England, and I didn’t have anyone to direct me or teach me, Islam. Around that time, I got into music. I was floating in the world. I was living my life without recognizing God.

“Because my mum is a Christian, I got acquainted with Christianity. It was during that period, Christianity was preached to me. I saw it as the religion of peace that Islam actually is.”

“Growing up, I started researching Islam and discovered that Jesus, Prophet Isa, was a Muslim. He bowed down and prayed to Allah. Moses bowed down to worship Allah. Abraham bowed down and prayed to Allah, and these are our forefathers in religion.

“During my research, I found out that the best for me is Islam. My big brother, who is a devout Muslim with great knowledge of Islam, taught me a little more about Islam and I realized that Allah is not scary, He is Merciful. I took the shahadah and proclaimed Islam.”

JJC Skillz denied that his decision to return to Islam was influenced by the fact that he is no longer with his wife, Funke Akindele.

“No! It has nothing to do with her. It is more like a personal journey. Allah called me at the right time. I am lucky, I was called. It was only by the grace of God I found Islam. I am grateful to have the opportunity to worship Allah now. I am happy to be a true servant of Allah,” he stated.

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