Shark kills Austrian woman in Egypt’s Red Sea

FILE PHOTO: Tourists snorkel near a beach of the Red Sea resort of Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada

A 68-year-old Austrian woman was killed in a shark attack on a Red Sea beach off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh, in Egypt.

A local report quoted by Russian news agency RIA Novosti stated that the shark bit off the woman’s arm and leg. She had entered the sea to swim.

She was taken to hospital but died on the way after her heart stopped and could not be restarted.

It added: ‘The woman died in the ambulance from painful shock.’

Shark attacks in Egypt are rare – but the Red Sea has more than 44 species of the fish, some of which can be deadly.

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Most common are 6ft-long grey reef sharks, which have 13 or 14 sharp teeth.

Reports said the Red Sea Governorate issued an order afterwards, to shut down several beaches on Friday.

A security source also added that the woman had been living in Egypt over the past five years with her Egyptian husband.

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