Zambian government asks parliament to dismiss impeachment motion against President Lungu

The Zambian government on Tuesday called for the dismissal of an impeachment motion filed by the country’s main opposition party meant to remove President Edgar Lungu.

On Friday, the United Party for National Development filed a notice of motion to impeach Lungu, citing violation of various constitutional provisions, after garnering signatures of two-thirds of members of parliament.

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya, said the grounds presented in the motion do not warrant conditions for impeachment and were an abuse of democratic institutions.

“We as government have a right to give our position.

“We think that people should not waste the people’s time by bringing frivolous issues to parliament because the citizens want their members of parliament to do the things they are sent to do,” Siliya, chief government spokesperson, told reporters.

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She said: “democracy demands responsibility and not abuse.”

Siliya said the allegations contained in the notice of motion do not amount to any impeachable offence recognized in any system of government and do not fall within the scope of impeachable offenses nor meet the test of

She said the impeachment motion was an attempt by the opposition party to continuously refuse to acknowledge Lungu’s win in the 2016 general elections and an attempt to continue abuse of the judiciary and legislative procedures.

She said impeachment is a very grave step to the nation and it has to be predicated on conduct that threatens the very existence of the state.

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Siliya said the notice of motion of impeachment was not only misconceived but also meant to abuse procedures of parliament.

Parliament is expected to hear the motion on Wednesday.

Lungu’s office has already dismissed the impeachment motion, saying he was not bothered by the move.

Some opposition parties aligned to the ruling party are expected to present a petition to Speaker of Parliament Patrick Matibini to dismiss the impeachment motion.

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