Court dissolves civil servant’s marriage over constant battering

Prosecutors failed to attend Tuesday’s hearing at the federal high court in Lagos, having previously failed to present some of their witnesses in a case that had been adjourned on several occasions.

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Thursday dissolved the marriage between a civil servant, Nuratu Olaosebikan, and her husband, Isiaka Olaosebikan, over consent battering.

The President of the court, Koledoye Adeniyi, said that the union could no longer stand as the husband and the wife were fond of constantly quarrelling and fighting at every slightest provocation.

Adeniyi said that it was evident that the respondent, Isiaka, only showed love and care to his children and not to his wife, Nuratu.

“The court has observed that there is no common understanding between the couple who often resulted to fighting at any slightest provocation. It is very clear from the evidence of the petitioner and the respondent that they are not compatible.

“Love is totally absent in their relationship.

“More so, they have chosen to live separately for years, which is an indication that their marriage has broken down completely; therefore the dissolution of their marriage,” he said.

He said that both parties ceased to be husband and wife, henceforth.

“Both parties should go their separate ways and that any bickering between the two of them shall be treated as a crime, he said.

Adeniyi granted custody of the children to the petitioner, Nuratu, since the respondent did not contest the custody.

He said that Isiaka should pay N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of their last born and N25,000 monthly when the other children were on holiday.

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“The respondent must also be responsible for the education of their three children,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the petitioner, Nuratu, a resident of No. 16, Shoremekun St., Liasu Road, Ikotun, had approached the court on Aug. 19, 2021 to dissolve her marriage to Isiaka.

She urged the court to do so on the grounds of constant beating, harassment, curses, drunkenness, and emotional trauma, as well as lack of care, respect and love from Isiaka.

Nuratu also urged the court to grant her the custody of the children, and make the respondent responsible for the children’s education and upkeep.

The court had to stand down the case for an Alternative Dispute Resolution session where they were advised to resolve their differences amicably in the interests of their children.

The court gave them up till October 2021 to observe each other and report back. When the case came up, the couple still indicated that they wanted to go on with the divorce proceeding.

Naratu had told the court that still through their marriage, it had been fights and quarrels which had brought shame to her in the neighbourhood.

“At times, my husband would strip me naked and beat me, I had left him on three occasions but I had to return after pleading because of our three children.

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“Shortly after I gave birth to our son, I heard he wanted to marry another wife. I saw him with his alleged new wife and I confronted him, but people pleaded with me to go home, since then, he stopped coming home.

“Many times he would go to the beer parlour and the children would have to go and meet him there, sometimes he would return home drunk and I would find him sleeping inside his car in the compound.

“Each time I challenged him on his behaviour, he would start cursing me. I had to stop talking to him and started sending the children to him anytime I wanted to ask for anything.

“There is no more love, the beating is too much, and he does not care for me again except for the children. I have rented another apartment where the children and I can live and be at peace.

“I urge the court to go ahead and dissolve the marriage,” she said.

In his defence, the respondent, Isiaka Olaosebikan, a resident of Plot 188, Gowon Estate, Ipaja, who is into waste management, denied the allegations.

He, however, still pleaded with the court to dissolve the union.

He said that he had already married another woman.

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