Music producer blames broadcast of nudity for increased promiscuity

Music mixer and producer Victor ‘VC’ Perez on Saturday blamed the increase in promiscuity in Nigeria on the uncensored broadcast of nude scenes by the media.

Perez, who made this assertion in an interview with the NAN in Lagos, said the relevant authorities are not strict enough in the regulation of media content.

According to him, media organisations play a significant role in the making or marring of the society and should use the media platforms to inculcate moral values in the citizenry.

“The increase in sexual activities can be linked to what people watch on their television screens and other electronic devices,” he said.

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“In my candid opinion, media organisations have aided the craving for such content by following foreign trends; to air movies and music videos with naked men and women.”

He said promiscuity is thriving because the media preferred such broadcast programmes that would entice the viewers to stay tuned.

“Unfortunately, nudity, pornography and sexual stimulating programmes seem to have more audience; so such programmes usually featured in the TV broadcast,” he said.

Perez noted that music videos also promoted fake lifestyles that lured youngsters to indulge in illicit affairs in a bid to amass illegitimate wealth.

He advised parents and guardians to be fully involved in instilling discipline in their children and wards in order to regulate the time spent on media platforms.

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