Suspected herdsmen ‘assault pregnant woman, remove foetus’

A pregnant woman was allegedly subjected to a horrific experience in Yogbo town, Makurdi, Benue State, when persons suspected to be herdsmen allegedly inserted hard object into her vagina, piercing her womb and killing her unborn baby in the process.

The unnamed woman and her husband were waylaid as they made their way through the town, reports said. But while her husband escaped, the woman was caught and assaulted as reported.

The Zenald Care Foundation, a non-governmental organisation which operates in the North, shared the details of the assault on the social media.

The post detailed how the pregnant woman was captured by persons described as Fulani herdsmen on Sunday evening in Yogbo town, Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State.

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The attackers reportedly announced their presence with shooting.

“The men used sticks to pierce through her private part to kill the unborn child and pull the child and her womb out after which they beat her and left her for dead,” the post reads.

Her husband reportedly lodged a complaint with the military who were on guard in the beleaguered state, sequel to which they went to pick what they expected to be her corpse.

“They discovered that she was still alive and brought her down to Bishop Murray Hospital, which is run by the Catholic Church.

“We (Zenald Care Foundation) were informed and rushed there.

“Preliminary processes and documentation have been done. We (Zenald Care Foundation) have paid for screening and two pints of blood and and I am currently waiting for the bill for the surgery to likely take out the womb. Pictures as seen above,” the post continued.

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When newsmen spoke with the founder of the Zenald Care Foundation, Pastor Zidon Love, he explained that a reverend father had contacted him with the details of the woman’s experience and had also shared the photographs, which he posted on his foundation’s Facebook page.

Pastor Love said he was still awaiting additional information from the Reverend Father concerning the welfare of the victim.

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