2019: President Buhari’s defeat imminent – Ex-Rep Bitrus Kaze

Former member of the House of Representatives, Bitrus Kaze, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to abandon any ambition to contest the 2019 presidential election.

He boasted that Buhari would be defeated just like Jonathan in 2015.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain told Sun that Buhari will lose elections in 2019 because he failed in delivering his ‘Change’ promises to Nigerians.

He, therefore, advised President Buhari to step down as Nelson Mandela did considering his age and allow a younger person rule Nigeria.

On prospects of PDP winning the election, Kaze said the party will win if a popular candidate emerges from fair play, adding that Buhari is not an obstacle to PDP regaining power.

He said “The convention came and it is over, there was contest between Prince Uche Secondus and what people think is Prof. Tunde Adeniran. It has come and gone with the victor clearly declared with overwhelming votes. A lot has been said about the convention but I think it was successful.

“The prospects of PDP ahead of 2019 General elections may not exactly reflect what happen at the convention because it was an intra-party election, there are lots of accusations and counter accusations about how the winners emerged and that happens in primary elections and party congresses in the country. But when it comes to General elections, it is not easy. I know that the PDP will contest all positions in 2019.

“At the presidential level I know if PDP put their heads together and allow a popular candidate to emerge as opposed to candidate of the leaders and those who control the wherewithal, it will help the PDP much more than we have seen.

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“That was what they said about Goodluck, that with Goodluck in power controlling the military, Police and other security agencies, how could anybody defeat him? But it happened. If Buhari defeated an incumbent President, what tells him that he cannot be defeated? He is a human being just like any other contestant, he can be and I am sure he will be defeated in 2019.

“Nigerians are dissatisfied with the change that they were promised, nobody is seeing that change and if there is any, it is change for the worst. This government has told us repeatedly that technically, they have defeated Boko Haram but they have just approved a withdrawal of $1billion to fight a defeated enemy.

“We were told that children and the aged will have free meals, that every graduate will have some social welfare. All the promises in the world, water, energy, and infrastructures, but nothing are on ground. They have collected lots of billions of naira of looted funds which are being re-looted; they have not been able to put it to use anywhere.

“The recent revelations by the Maina has revealed a lot and we are not even sure that the report that has been given against the head of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, during his clearance that was denied twice by the Senate have been dealt with.

“There are a lot of accusations against key members of this government, including the Chief of Army Staff. Therefore, Buhari can be defeated because he does not live what he preaches. You could see that Buhari’s cows are well fed more than some humans in this country.”

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Kaze speaking on prophesies that Buhari should not contest due to his health issues, said anybody can be ill but advised the President to consider his age and step down come 2019.

“I am not even talking on the issue of health because anybody can fall sick and many people who are sick have lived long. Buhari need to learnt from what happened in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe, when you remain in a system for too long, no matter how good you are, you lose your credibility and respect.

“Buhari was considered a near saint before he came back into government in 2015, within two, three years of Buhari in power, people now remember how they suffered during his regimental military rule where he forced people to queue for essential goods.

“It would have been in his health interest and wellbeing to allow a younger person, even if it is in the APC to contest the election, he will still be alive to offer his ideas. Why can he learn from Nelson Mandela, nobody suffered in the country more than him but after sometime he said I am old enough, let another person come but our President is insisting on the contest, I am not worried about his health but his age, I do not really believe that President Buhari should still be holding any political position,” he added.

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