Father Mbaka slams Nigerian government over Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest

Ejike Mbaka

The Spiritual Director and founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has slammed the Federal Government for arresting the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, insisting that it was a case of misplaced priority.

Mbaka who was speaking while conducting mass at the Adoration Ground on Sunday challenged the government and security agencies to employ the same ingenuity and aggression with which they arrested Kanu in tackling the nation’s many security challenges.

“Since you people arrested him, we have lost so many lives since that time. So of what use is his arrest? If after his arrest kidnapping stopped in the North, because last week over 100 students were kidnapped. Where are our security agencies?

“They should use the same gravity, glamour, temerity, forcefulness and ingenuity with which they arrested Nnamdi to arrest all those people doing these things. This is because if Nnamdi is still under their custody and over 100 students could be kidnapped, then arresting Nnamdi does not solve the problem.

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“If the arrest of Nnamdi will make Nigeria to prosper, they should hold him. But we have come to see that even as he is arrested, many people have been killed. The arrest of Nnamdi does not end any problem, rather is aggravates more problem.”

Mbaka urged the government to rather go after killer herdsmen, bandits and terrorists who have been killing and maiming innocent citizens across the country.

“Has anyone seen Nnamdi Kanu killing anybody? He is not a murderer. Has anybody caught him with guns? Are you arresting somebody who has not kidnapped anybody?

“Nnamdi is not one of the herdsmen. He is not among the kidnappers. He is not among the bandits. He is not among the Boko Haram people. He doesn’t carry ammunition. He is not even a politician. He is not a Governor . He is not a councilor. He is not one of the unknown gunmen.

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“It doesn’t mean that they will release him or not. My job is to say what the spirit asked me to say. So if you are holding somebody because he said something, did he kill anybody?

“So if you use the same aggression you used to arrest him to arrest unemployment, terrorism will go. If you use the same intensity to arrest poverty, to arrest criminality and the herdsmen, then our farms will be safe. If you use the same temerity to arrest injustice and corruption and pragmatic nepotism and unhealthy tribalism, there will be no room for this terrorism going on”.

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