FCTA clears over 2,000 shanties in Ruga community

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), on Thursday sealed off a popular pub and event centre, Zodara Bar, on No. 2 Bujumbura St. at Wuse II, in Abuja metropolis.

Over 2,000 shanties in Ruga community along airport road were taken down by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Tuesday.

Owners of the plots were urged to come and take possession of their properties right away or risk having the plots revoked, Muktar Galadima, the Director of Development Control has said.

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He lamented that it is completely unacceptable that after clearing the land, the owners do not develop the plots, causing shanties to reappear in the same location after a few years.

He, however, warned the squatters that wherever they go to the bulldozers and machines will find them.

According to him: “This is part of general city exercise removing, removing shanties and illegal structures, obviously we have removed over 2,000 barchers.

“We are going to continue tomorrow because of circumstances beyond our control, we had to stop.

“The owners of the plot have to come and reclaim their properties or we will revoke them.

“For the squatters wherever they go we will follow them because if they think they are going to remove some of these items and go and settle somewhere else, we will follow them.

“For the owners of the properties they should come and take over their properties. Anyone who doesn’t come to take over their plots immediately, we will recommend them for revocation”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement to FCT Minister, Comrade Ikharo Attah, said they had to halt the demolition in order for the members of the community to be able to park their belongings.

His words: “The FCTA through development control came here to remove illegal structures at Ruga community along the airport road, like what Director of Development Control has said they were here before and coming back shows consistency.

“Hopefully the removal will continue tomorrow. The Chief and others have come to appeal that they need to park out their belongings and vacate the place immediately that is why, we have decided to give them till tomorrow to be able to park their things.

“One thing about Ruga is about insecurity , they know they are not suppose to be here , some of them are living under high tension wires and some of them are living in people’s plots, river banks, rail corridors.

“The main problem about Ruga is insecurity, it serves as a hibernating for criminals, some areas are not good for aesthetic of the city

“Development Control would also identified the owners of the plots and ensure, they take them over and if they don’t, we will recommend for revocation”.

On sustainability, he noted, “Definitely they will move to another location but the bulldozers and FCT will move with them to take them out”, he said.

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