Lagos residents express dissatisfaction with 14-day lockdown extension

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed to Nigerians to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but the government has still not said whether it will extend a two-week confinement order on three states that ends Monday.

Some residents in Festac area of Lagos on Tuesday expressed displeasure over the 14-day extension of the lockdown in the state, saying one week would have been bearable, but not two.

In interviews with newsmen the residents complained that even though they knew that the COVID-19 was dangerous, but hunger was most likely to “finish them” first.

Newsmen report that President Muhammadu Buhari in a broadcast on Monday announced the extension of the lockdown in Abuja and Lagos State as well as Ogun State for another 14 days to further contian the spread COVID-19.

Mrs Ngozi Felix, a civil servant, applauded the effort of the Federal Government in curbing the spread of the virus, but said that the situation in the country was not that bad as to warrant an extra 14 days lockdown.

“The President could have extended it for just one more week taking into consideration that many families out there are not able to make money for feeding since this lock down began.

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“Also, the outbreak is not so much in Nigeria, so what government should really do is to educate the people on hygiene and other measures that will keep them safe from the virus.

“There is hunger in the country right now, my neighbouring have been complaining of hunger for a few days now, I cook in big pots and share for them, but for how long?,

“I thought this was going to be over soon, but for an extra two weeks, I don’t know if I can continue feeding them,” she said.

A trader, Mrs Kelechi Agu, told newsmen that she would not be able to feed her family for another two weeks without help.

“I thought that this lockdown was going to be over by now, my calculation was that we would eat what we have for a few days, at most, one week, before I can go back to market and sell my goods.

“My husband retired since 2018 and doesn’t make any money, the sales I make from my shop feed us at home, I have four children that eat a lot.

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“At this rate, we are more likely to die from hunger than from this virus, I thought the government would help us, we are yet to receive any help,” Agu said.

Another resident, Mr Osemedua Nnamabia, a businessman, said that the extension was going to drastically affect businesses, increase hardships and poverty in the country.

He said that the aim was valid, but that more measures could have to been put in place to ease the impact of the stay at home order.

“Already, we are seeing the result of the earlier two-week stay-at-home order as it begins to affect basic means for survival, food prices are now on the increase.

“Even robbery has increased in some parts of Lagos and it is only a matter of time for insecurity and poverty to become bigger concerns than COVID-19,” Nnamabia said.

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