NGO: Many parents overestimate the competence of their children

Many children derail in their life trajectory because of parental pressure and the tendency to hurry them, it has been observed.

According to Mother’s Love Initiative, a social change Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), children are more likely to succeed in future if they are not hurried.

The group said many parents overestimate the competence of their children and overexpose them to academic pressures, noting this affects their future growth.

In a chat with newsmen, the spokesman of the group, Mr Uchechukwu Michael Ginika, said the group has devised strategies to address the inherent challenges through a documentary, “The Hurried Child: An African Perspective”.

He said, “A Mother’s Love Initiative” has chosen to champion a cause in Africa through which it will counsel all stakeholders to take positive steps in salvaging the future of the African Child.”

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According to him, students are more likely to have academic success if they are not hurried through their early childhood.

He said that this concept permeates the entire fabrics of the society, and manifests itself in diverse ways through heightened domestic roles, undue academic expectations and excessive demands, child labour, child marriage and so on.

The aftermath of these pressures, Ginika said further, is having children who believe that they are unworthy, and feel rejected when they do not meet up with family or societal expectations.

The bottom line of The Hurried Child Project, according to him, is to make a case for an intervention that hurrying the Nigerian child has a huge implication on their overall well-being and the future of Nigeria.

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The film, titled, “The Hurried Child: An African Perspective”, is an informative documentary that creates awareness and shares insights on the ills of hurrying the Nigerian child, which will be formally launched on November 19, 2021, in Lagos to commemorate the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

The event will consolidate on the call for action by other stakeholders and engage the town and gown on the Hurried Child syndrome.

Ginika emphasised that the documentary is a media advocacy documentary aimed at reorienting the subtle but hurtful concept of hurrying the child through life.

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