Olumba Obu: Lust for power, mismanagement of our commonwealth cause of protest

The leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, BCS, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, has said that wanton greed, lust for power and mismanagement of the commonwealth led to the ongoing protests by youths.

Obu said, in order to stem the tide of disenchantment sweeping across the country, the Nigerian government must urgently dialogue with the protesting youths.

Leader Obu, who stated this in an address presented to the world during the online global combined service of the BCS, maintained that Nigeria is lavishly blessed with spiritual, human and material resources to be a global force but were all mismanaged.

The Leader, whose message was fuehter expantiated by the BCS Spokesman, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Edet Archibong, identified more remote and immediate causes of the crisis to include unemployment and bad governance by those in position of authourity.

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He said: “The restiveness of the youths is caused by wanton greed, avarice, lust for power and position which has lead to the mismanagement of the commonwealth.

“It is my wish that the government at the federal and the states levels should endeavour to bring the children that are kept under their care to a roundtable and amicably look into factors that have lead to the prevalent protests and its attendant loss of lives and property.

“Nigeria is lavishly blessed with all it takes in spiritual, human and material resources to be a global power. The only solution left to the government now is to have a dialogue with the critical stakeholders.’

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According him, rather than destroy the labour and works of their fore- fathers, youths should positively tender their grievances and think of how to achieve their lofty ideals in a more peaceful and positive manner.

He said the battle is over as peace has returned to the country and declared victory over all the bills plaguing the country.

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