Former police chief warns National Assembly against hate speech bill

national assembly abuja

A retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Aisabor, says that the National Assembly (NASS) is heading for a futile exercise with the Hate Speech bill currently before it.

Speaking with reporters in Benin, Aisabor said there are laws already in the country’s Penal and Criminal Code that take care of sedition, libel and defamation.

According to him, there are many aspects of the economy that require the National Assembly’s attention, instead of the legislature focussing and dissipating its energy and time on a Hate Speech bill.

“Some of the problems confronting the country are disunity, ethnic and religious bigotry, insecurity, unemployment, lack of electricity, bad roads, no functional healthcare facilities ,among others,” Aisabor said.

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According to the ex-cop, Hate Speech has its roots in injustice, inequality and lack of fairness.

He advised the National Assembly to focus on things that would be of benefit to ordinary Nigerians, and to put out legislation that will improve the Nigerian economy.

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