2023: Atiku Abubakar not corrupt, better than Peter Obi, Nyesom Wike, others – Zayyan Ubandoma

A former vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, says he has never seen the country in such a “bad shape” as it is now.

Zayyan Ubandoma said Atiku Abubakar will beat Peter Obi, Nyesom Wike and others to the presidential ticket of the People’s Democratic Party because “everyone knows he is a better unifier.”

Ubandoma, the north-central Director for the AtikuKawai media group, stated this in an interview with PM News on Monday night.

He said the country urgently needs unity and only Atiku can guarantee that in Nigeria.

When asked why he thinks Atiku is better than other presidential aspirants, Ubandoma said: “What’s most important in our nation today is unity. We have been divided along ethnic and religious lines and that has eaten so deep into our coexistence as a nation. We need a liberal Nigerian who has no history and has never been accused of ethnic or religious bigotry. Check Peter and Wike and check Atiku. Atiku has a one Nigeria in his household. He has married across ethnic and religious. He has built a bridge with his Family. Haven had children with uncles and aunties across the nation, he has done it in his family, and he can do it. We need a Unifier and He’s Atiku Abubakar.”

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Speaking on corruption allegations, Ubandoma insisted that the former Vice President of Nigeria is not corrupt.

He challenged anyone with evidence against Atiku to come out and present it.

Ubandoma said: “Atiku isn’t a corrupt politician, I do not understand what pleasure they drive making this allegation. Let me tell you that Atiku has never been a friend of any government since he left office, he has a record of speaking the truth to power without fear of persecution, If he’s corrupt you think this APC regime will allow him? He has dared anyone with any evidence of corruption against him to come forward and even get a bounty till today no one did. He’s not corrupt and his efforts in the fight against corruption are much better than what Buhari and his regime have.”

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