AAC: President Buhari failed to take responsibility in interview

The Boko Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria is largely fuelled by youth unemployment and poverty, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, has said.

The African Action Congress, on Thursday, knocked President Muhammadu Buhari for blaming Nigerians for the failure of his government rather than shouldering responsibility for the shortcomings of his administration.

The party expressed dissatisfaction over Buhari’s interview aired on Arise TV on Thursday morning, saying that it is “embarrassing” that the President chose when and how he speaks, even when the whole country is on fire.

In a statement signed by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Femi Adeyeye, AAC said, “Another shock is how, instead of reeling out his ‘achievements’ over the last six years, the President sounded like an opposition leader. But for a closer look and the distinction of voice, one would have thought it was a member of the civil society or the NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress) being interviewed. The President in his usual style blamed everyone but himself.

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“May we remind the President that the youths he blamed for the insecurity that has reached the highest crescendo, are not the ones who are constitutionally in charge of the Military and the Police.

“Talking about infrastructure, may we also remind the President that the youths are not the ones who took loans to the tune of trillions of naira with the promise that infrastructure would be fixed. The statements of the President confirmed the suspicion in many quarters that he is not conscious of the happenings in his immediate environment and his administration, except what he is told.

“Away from the hypocritical guilt-tripping of President Buhari, monitoring this recorded interview, we realised that the old General has not reneged on his jackboot absolutist style. Despite popular calls by well-meaning and peace-loving Nigerians all over the world for civil engagement with the legitimate concerns of different sections of the population, he prefers the use of brute force.”

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“The AAC seizes this medium to remind Nigerians that there is no later time to fight for liberation as it is crystal clear that only the unity of the oppressed across all regions can free the people from the ruling class that Buhari represents,” the statement added.

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