Abdullahi Tsoho: Why we dissolved Labour Party in Jigawa

Abdullahi Tsoho

Abdullahi Tsoho, who ran for governor of Jigawa State as a candidate for the Labour Party (LP) but then switched to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), said that members of the party in the state tore down the party’s structure as a protest against the party’s leaders ignoring the ideas on which it was founded.

Tsoho’s defection, according to NewsXtra, comes just hours before Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, is scheduled to campaign in the state.

At the Government House, Jigawa Governor Muhammad Badaru and Umar Namadi, who is running for governor of the state for the APC, met with Tsoho.

Tsoho said that he joined the APC with his running mate, the candidates for senator, the candidates for the Labour Party’s house of representatives, and the state’s party chairman.

“We withdrew our candidates from the LP and merged them into the APC in appreciation of what Badaru has done to the people of Jigawa State.

“We are defecting on behalf of our people; our defection is unconstitutional. We have urged all our members to vote for the APC from top to bottom.

“Labour Party was formed based on ideology; however, recent happening shows that it is becoming a personal and regional affair.

“That has also discouraged us from continuing in the party, I am a labouring man, but there is no longer ideology in Labour Party.

“We are doing labour party not based on tribalism, regionalism but what are witnessing now is the party is going through this negative aspect that makes us not to continue.

“We decided that there is no need for any party to be in the opposition in Jigawa because, initially, we are not contesting the election for our reasons but for the people’s wish.

“The reason we are decamping is that we are following people’s wishes that made us join the APC,” Tsoho said.

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