Kingsley Otuaro: Democracy’s survival lies with PDP

The Deputy Governor of Delta State of Nigeria, Mr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro

Delta State Deputy Governor, Mr Kingsley Otuaro, has said Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, holds the only hope for survival of democracy today, just as he advised aspirants to stick after the forthcoming primaries for victory of the party at the general polls.

Otuaro made the assertion, weekend, in Warri, at an emergency Delta South Senatorial District PDP meeting where he joined Chief Emmanuel Amgbaduba, Chairman, PDP, Delta South, and other party leaders to sue for peace and togetherness after the primaries.

According to the deputy governor: “Nigerians expected change that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, central government has proved unable to give. Never have Nigerians been largely united in prayers and our prayers have been answered. PDP will not only win Delta State but will, by God, take over the central government.

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“Let us forge unity. Only one person will emerge candidate in the various positions. There is always a tomorrow. Not succeeding today as candidate is not a failure in all its ramifications. Let us not allow the process to tear us apart. We have a common and better future ahead. Let’s eschew divisiveness, caution our followers to avoid antagonism and character assassination. We are one people. As we keep politicking by the rules, God will crown our efforts with success.”

Earlier, speaker after speaker including Delta State Deputy Chairman of PDP, Val Areyinka, Omimi Esquire, Chief Ilolo concurred with Chief Emmanuel Amgbaduba who had cautioned: “Let not our individual aspirations divide us. After the primaries, let us come together as a party in the fight to win the general elections. Let’s not avail the opposition with tools to fight us by deploying inappropriate communication in our campaigns to win the primaries.”

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Amgbaduba assured that there is no anointed candidate as there will be level playing field for all aspirants.

The Delta South PDP chairman stressed that there will be “no changing of delegates list”, clarifying: “Lobbying is however allowed. Talk to your delegates. If you are popular, come to the field. No backyard primary, no imposition of candidates. If you win, congrats! If not, please support the other candidate(s) to lead the party to victory. I hereby also ask defectors to return to the party.”

Advising aspirants who lose in the primaries not to defect, Mr Omimi Esquire said: “Let us win as a party. When we do, there are many appointments.”

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