Northern Elders Forum: President Buhari beneficiary of flawed electoral process

Muhammadu Buhari-3

Yima Sen, the Director General of Northern Elders Forum and a lecturer in Baze University, has faulted Nigeria’s electoral process, saying that it is full of flaws.

Sen, while reacting to the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari, told newsmen on Thursday that Buhari was a beneficiary of a flawed process. He said it was unfortunate that the president ignored the flawed process and carried on.

He added, “In this era of advanced technology where almost everything you do is transmitted through the social media in few seconds, the election with all the irregularities witnessed by the whole world was accepted by the beneficiary.

“The beautify of it all was that the two parties, All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had enough resources to put their agents at the polling units and they were able to transit results from the collation sheets to any part of the country in few minutes. In few hours you are sure to get all the results of the election across the country,” he said.

He wondered why it would take the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) three days to release results of the election that everyone already had.

Comparing the country’s election with that of Senegal, a country that was not as rich as Nigeria, he said that they were able to conduct their elections and released results immediately while Nigeria’s electoral officers, on the other hand, would work for two hours and go on tea break.

The don regretted the level of desperation for power among the political class. He noted that they practiced politics of self-development instead of national development. Commending the late President Yar Adua, who he said accepted that the electoral process that brought him to power was full of flaws, took a bold step and set up Justice Uwais Committee to look into the issues of the electoral process.

The lecturer said that politicians in Nigeria do not believe in liberal democracy, explaining that, that was why President Buhari admitted he would not lose the election when he said he was going to congratulate himself.

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