Gunmen steal £2 million worth of gold coins and valuables

Armed robbers targeted a Casa de Moneda branch in Mexico City

Gunmen have raided £2m worth of valuables including gold coins from the headquarters of Mexico’s federal mint.

Armed men threw a security guard to the ground and seized his gun before breaking into the Casa de Moneda in Mexico City, according to a police report.

City public security secretary Jesus Orta Martinez said the robbers headed “straight to the vault, which was open” and filled a backpack with 1,567 gold coins.

They also stole commemorative watches and other valuables.

The gold coins, also known as centenarios, have a face value of 50 pesos but trade for 31,500 pesos each (£1,324) – bringing the estimated value of the haul to just over £2m.

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Authorities have CCTV footage showing the robbers.

Mexico’s centenarios were first minted in 1921 to mark 100 years of independence from Spain and are now bought and sold by investors.

The daylight robbery is the latest high-profile crime to hit Mexico City, which has struggled to combat rising levels of criminality.

The same Casa de Moneda branch was broken into during renovations last year, according to Mexican media.

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