Ukraine: Gas shortage fully covered

Ukraine on Sunday said it had resolved its gas shortage caused by the refusal of Russia’s Gazprom to restart natural gas deliveries.

“We have a sharp increase in gas supplies from the EU, from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko posted on Twitter.

“The entire shortage is completely covered.”

Poroshenko underlined that Ukraine had a stable gas supply and has “enough gas in storage facilities, its own gas and imports.”

New tensions between Moscow and Kiev flared Thursday after Russia’s Gazprom said it would not restart gas supplies to Ukraine, leading Ukrainian state provider Naftogaz to accuse it of violating contractual agreements.

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Record high consumption amid days of freezing temperatures had led to a shortage of around 10 million cubic meters of gas a day.

Ukraine on Friday urged schools to close and factories to cut production and asked citizens to chip in by lowering their home thermostats to save on gas.

“You are incredible, thank you,” Naftogaz tweeted on Sunday.

“Briefly: everything is ok now,” the statement said.

“We have gas. Educational institutions are waiting for children on Monday.”

The latest flare-up in tensions between Moscow and Kiev came after an arbitration court in Sweden ordered Gazprom to pay $2.56 billion (2.08 billion euros) to Naftogaz for “failure to deliver the agreed transit gas volumes”.

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