Tyson Fury slams Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua’s ‘circus’ world title rematch

Anthony Joshua will face Oleksandr Usyk in their mid-August rematch at the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia.

Tyson Fury thinks Oleksandr Usyk will knockout Anthony Joshua in their “circus” of a heavyweight world title rematch.

Usyk and Joshua are expected to fight again on August 20 in Saudi Arabia, with the rematch in final stages of negotiations.

Fury has been pressed to end his retirement and make a comeback to fight the winner in an undisputed clash later this year.

Former undisputed cruiserweight champion Usyk outpointed Joshua to win his heavyweight belts last September.

Fury insists it will take a £500 million purse to force him out of retirement and fight Usyk once he beats Joshua again later this year.

“When this middleweight knocks out this bodybuilder out again, there’s only gonna be one man to sort this absolute circus out. What I would say is to these people who want this big fight to happen is, you better have a big cheque book,” Fury told Queensbury Promotions YouTube channel.

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“To bring the big GK out of retirement for active battle duty, to redeem this country yet again it’s going to cost. I am a prize fighter and I do fight for prizes but it’s going to cost, if you want me to do a mission on this middleweight then that’s going to be expensive.

“There going to have deep pockets, but not until the fight has even happened with Joshua and Usyk first. It’s quite pointless because if I was ready to go tomorrow, they’re not. They have got to fight each other [first].”

Fury has continued to insist he will not fight again professionally, only making a return for exhibition opportunities.

The Gypsy King even promised to give TV host Piers Morgan £1 million if he competes in another pro bout.

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Even if he was to return, Fury said it wouldn’t be until the end of this year.

“I will make a decision on all of this, I’ve only just fought not even three months ago. I wouldn’t be expected to fight until October, November, December anyway but because I’ve said I am retiring everyone is on me to have a couple more fights every single day,” he added.

“I’ve got no mandatories coming up and I’ve just took care of two mandatories back to back, Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte. I can have two voluntaries if I want, nobody is pushing me to do anything. I’ve got no rushed decisions.”

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