Economic crunch tearing Real Madrid apart

Real Madrid have dropped to fourth place in the UEFA rankings according to a report in Diario AS.

Real Madrid have a difficult economic situation and is going to lose millions of euros.

According to Okdiario’s chief pundit India on El Chringuito, they have to tighten their belt and with the salary reduction, they have to add adjustments.

“They would not like to have to, but the club is considering selling one of the two best-positioned players in the market, for quality-age ratio.

“One of the players has regained credit this weekend, lost credit with previous performances. He is a player with an intelligent mind and who falls very well in the dressing room. It’s Raphael Varane.

“And another player, not highly valued in relation to other players, but decided to maintain the balance of the team, Carlos Casemiro.”

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