Report: UEFA approve Champions League reform to turn the competition into a ‘league’

Slovan Bratislava lost its appeal Friday against exclusion from the Champions League by UEFA after players tested positive for COVID-19 in pre-game checks.

In light of the recent announcements surrounding the formation of the European Super League, the footballing world has gone into an absolute frenzy. With fans, clubs and domestic football associations all being divided and united on various fronts, there is pure chaos everywhere.

UEFA is among the major governing bodies in football to have opposed the formation of the ESL as a breakaway competition that will form elitist circles and change the landscape of the sport as we know it. In addition, domestic leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga have both released official statements condemning the formation of such a tournament.

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UEFA have followed suit with news of their own, however, as relayed by DW Sports, by announcing the approval for proposed changes to the current Champions League format. The new setup has been in the works for a while now, which will see an increase in the number of teams and games.

Instead of 32, there will now be 36 teams that will qualify for the competition and there will be a singular league format instead of group stages. The best eight clubs in the league standings will then proceed to the knockout stages and there will be eight more teams qualifying through a new playoff system.

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There will be new spots for elite clubs who fail to qualify, a system whose workings are yet to be revealed. Additionally, there will be at least ten games played by each time, which would then see a massive spike in revenue. The changes are reportedly set to come in effect over the next few years, ideally by 2024.

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