Rio Ferdinand: Cristiano Ronaldo needed to humiliate Jamie Carragher

Rio Ferdinand admits the sacrifices he was forced to make during his Manchester United career meant he couldn’t be there for his children “75 per cent of the time”.

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand told ‘FIVE’ about how Cristiano Ronaldo blanked Jamie Carragher before the Premier League game against Liverpool.

The retired defender understands that the Portuguese knew about the criticism he was receiving and needed to expose him.

Jamie Carragher is one of a long list of former Premier League footballers whose opinion, consistently reported in the English press, is often harsh on current Premier League players. For his comments about Cristiano Ronaldo, which were not particularly kind, the Portuguese ignored him before the match against Liverpool, which the Red Devils ended up winning.

Rio Ferdinand, speaking to ‘FIVE’, had this to say about the Portuguese’s gesture: “Knowing Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Carragher has talked a lot about him being the problem and things like that. Believe me, Cristiano would have seen those comments and would have thought to go over there and let him know with a bit of…. He needed to calm him down, humiliate him and embarrass him on live television.”

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“Cristiano is very calculating, he’s very aware of what’s going on, he’s not someone who sits at home and switches off. I’ve always said it: he uses social media and people’s comments as fuel to push himself to be the best, he’s done it since he was a kid,” he continued.

“He knew about anyone who spoke badly about him in the media. Once, he told me about Gary Lineker because he’s a big Messi fan. I was thinking, ‘Brother, you’re not even in this country, how can you see the pictures? He knows everything,'” added a surprised Ferdinand.

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