Amazon adds TikTok-like shoppable content to its app

Amazon is the latest tech company to take a page out of TikTok’s playbook.

This time it’s Amazon that’s following in the footsteps of TikTok. The Wall Street Journal was the first to disclose that the e-commerce giant Amazon would introduce a new feed in the Amazon app with photographs and videos of things customers can purchase.

Amazon’s Inspire feed is an effort to encourage in-app sales by showing relevant products within relevant content, a strategy that many other digital giants have also adopted. YouTube has implemented affiliate marketing and in-app purchasing into its TikTok clone, Shorts, while TikTok itself has been working on its in-app shopping features, including Livestream shopping.

WSJ  reported in the summer that Amazon had begun testing Inspire with employees. Early this month, Inspire, represented by a lightbulb icon within the Amazon app, will be available to a subset of US customers. According to the WSJ, the company has also started recruiting influencers to create videos for the feed to tap into social shopping, joining selections from brands and regular customers.

After clicking the Inspire button, customers may browse information organised into categories such as “interior design,” “pets,” and “skincare,” all of which highlight and link to relevant Amazon products. People can use visual aids, such as videos and photos, to make instant purchases.

Regarding TikTok’s goal of bringing together product discovery and purchasing in one place, Amazon is one of the few companies that could pose serious competition. Although the short-form video app TikTok has previously been shown to be an effective means of driving sales of anything from makeup to cleaning products, convincing users to make purchases through the app is challenging. The influencers who create these videos often promote the things they use on Amazon and encourage their followers to buy them from their own Amazon stores to earn a commission. Amazon’s desire to reclaim some of that attention makes perfect sense.

In addition, TikTok hopes to model its growth after that of Amazon. According to job postings this fall, the corporation is developing its fulfilment centres in the United States to facilitate its e-commerce offerings. According to the posted jobs, the company would handle returns and storage.

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