Google adds continuous scrolling to desktop search results

A computer displays Google search results.

Google has said desktop search results will no longer be split into pages. Instead, they will load in one long scroll. Conversely, Google will cram six pages’ worth of results onto a single scroll before presenting the “See more” button. It’s comparable to a change made for smartphones in October of this year, but it’s not quite an “infinite” scroll.

Google says the update is beginning with English searches in the US. Still, more markets and languages will likely be included in the future, especially given how quickly the capability was rolled out on mobile devices.

This shift is similar to how most social media feeds are now laid out, where new postings appear automatically as you scroll down the screen rather than requiring users to tap or click for more. The process of searching should be streamlined, and it will be less crucial for sites to appear on the top page of results. The search engine giant has previously stated that “most consumers who desire extra information” will typically “view up to four pages of search results.”

The competition to rank top on a search engine results page is expected to be as fierce as ever, given the supposedly significant decline in clicks beyond the first couple of results.

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