US bans gear from China’s Huawei and ZTE over security risk

Huawei Technologies

The United States government announced on Friday that it would no longer allow the import or sale of communications equipment that posed “an unacceptable risk to national security,” including products made by Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two major telecom manufacturers in China.

The FCC has placed both companies on a list of potentially dangerous businesses, and the new regulations forbid the approval of any of their products in the future.

During a protracted dispute between the world’s two largest economies, this is the latest in a series of actions to restrict Chinese telecom firms’ access to US networks.

United States government officials’ scepticism toward Chinese telecoms and tech has grown in recent years.

The Federal Communications Commission’s chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, has stated that the agency will not allow “untrustworthy communications equipment” to be used within the United States.

She said the new regulations are an ongoing effort to prevent security breaches.

When contacted by the AFP, a Huawei spokesperson declined to comment on the ban.

The order also affects companies like Hangzhou Hikvision and Dahua Technology, which manufacture video surveillance equipment.

On Friday, the FCC announced that it solicited public input on potential future action concerning already granted authorizations.

Because of concerns that Chinese intelligence could compromise Huawei equipment, Washington had previously barred the company from supplying US government systems and strongly discouraged the use of its equipment in the private sector.

As of 2019, Huawei has been on a trade blacklist that prevents US suppliers from doing business, effectively isolating the Chinese company (a leading smartphone brand) from Google’s Android platform.

The United States has also cited concerns for national security in its efforts to limit the activities of China’s three largest state-owned mobile carriers.

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